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The Brand is the Thing

We are absolutely fired up to announce our new website and identity. Though a BRAND is much more than a mark or line-look, this new direction hopefully better represents our ongoing commitment to (r)evolution. In the …

Linked In: Member Inspiration

We’ve all been there at one time or another. Hit with an uppercut. Laid out. Laid off. Let go from a company and filled with self-doubt. That moment where you wonder “how can I get through …


PART 2: Branding your Nonprofit and building Awareness through Film

A well-presented story moves your audience to action and does so not by talking at them, but with them. Don’t trust your story to a long-winded presenter, or paid “motivational speaker” when you know that it’s really your story that is making them click on your site, open your email, or attend your banquet. The trick is – how you present that story.