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Emotion is the strongest element in the human mind. It opens our hearts and drives our decisions. The visual productions we create can reach this emotion and manipulate it through the use of Simple Beauty.


We live in a world that is completely overdone. Meaning has become shrouded in theater.

And still we long for meaning – to connect with it, to feel it, and to hold it close to us. By taking away all of the extra speak we can SHOW a thing for what it is. If there is worthwhile meaning there, people will see it connect to it. And when they understand that simple meaning, they feel attached to it – they feel a reason to care, they become emotionally invested.


Eyes love beauty. It draws attention and creates a pathway to emotion. Sometimes it takes a change of perspective to show us the beauty seen by a different beholder. Beauty helps us to stop and appreciate – to listen.

Simple Beauty

When a message is both simple and beautiful it can gain attention, understanding, and, finally, a sense of attachment. It can evoke an emotional reaction in the viewer, and that emotional reaction is a call to action. It is our goal to provide Seattle Video Production and Bellingham Video Production with these points in mind.

Our part is to ensure every moment of your film is simply beautiful. We ask ourselves this at every review of the script, at every framing of the camera, and every edit.

Your part is to present us with something that has meaning that is undiscovered. We want to work with you to find this meaning, and to share it with the world.