Fundraising Film Success: Tripling TreeHouse’s Numbers

Thank you all at Hand Crank Films. It was an absolute pleasure working with the team this week and the film brought the house down.

Two weeks ago we published this blog post about helping out a local non-profit with a fundraising film, and about what our hopes were for the film, and for the growth of their organization.  See this blog post here…

Well, we had the event, and I'm happy to say that the evening was a huge success and that the group TRIPLED their net for the evening with the help of our film!! We also reached every one of our goals for the night. See the finished film above.

We consulted with the organization a few times regarding how to best pitch in asking for money, how to best teir their paddle raising to maximize their investment, and when to best play the film to maximize its on their audience. We also worked with them to encourage them to raise their goals, and raise the stakes for people contributing. 

They were a great organization to work with, and they worked very hard to make their film, and evening, successful. Now, we'll be working with them for the online rollout of the film and maximizing the donations to follow. 

Good times, for good causes.