Get to know us.

The special thing about Hand Crank Films is that we’re ALL filmmakers. Everyone one us has made a film of our own at some point. We all love to talk about film. We eat, drink, breathe and live film. Find out a little more about us here.

The Crew 

These are the folks we’re lucky enough to work with everyday.

Where We Work 

Seattle and Bellingham. Take a look. You might likey.

3 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About Hand Crank Films

First – We’re Filmmakers

We support and encourage the creating of independent films by all of our regular Hand Crank Films workers. If one of our people has an idea, we provide them FREE with hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment to fulfill their non-commercial dreams. Take a look at what this has inspired…

We Give Back – A Lot.

Every 3 months Hand Crank Films produces a film for a small, worthy non-profit our staff members choose – completely for FREE. We do this because we believe in the power of film to help great causes. These films are used primarily in banquet settings, but also in online campaigns.  These films typically help raise around $50,000 for these non-profits each quarter.

We Started with an Actual Hand Crank Camera

The company started with a hand crank Bell & Howell 70 camera given to founder Max Kaiser by his grandfather in 2005. Max was looking for a more organic, authentic look than could be achieved at that time with video cameras. That camera was used for almost a year to shoot all of Hand Crank’s original spots, and set in stone our organic, story-driven look.