Apple and Dreaming Bigger Than Our Gear

Check out this behind the scenes from the making of the Apple ad where they shoot it all with iPhone 5's. 

Okay, it is very cool how sweet the cameras are in phones now. But even cooler, much cooler, is seeing these incredible industry pros use whatever tools they have around to make things beautiful. Watching them work is 10 times cooler than the actual ad itself. Yes, I'm sure there was a lot of post on those pictures, but they still were shot with basic tools that are sitting in the pockets of millions and millions of people. 

The fact is, in our industry it is so easy to get carried away with our equipment. Watching these guys brings me back to the poetry of what we do. It's like the acoustic guitar of cinema. 

No, we won't be ditching our RED anytime soon. Shooting on it is a joy. Not so much, the iPhone. The other fact of this is that in each one of those shots they were shooting in absolutely optimal visual conditions. What I love about great cameras like the RED is when you're working day in and day out and the conditions are often NOT perfect, the RED helps ALOT to make your day easier and the end product much better looking – often regardless of the conditions. And great conditions, only bring that much more. Add in how great glass makes you feel, how slow motion captures the true essence of a great shot, etc. and, well, you'd better get ready to spend some money…

Nevertheless, the spot serves as a great reminder to what we have available to ourselves these days. And that, more often than not, we're only limited by our imagination.

Thanks, Apple.