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The Overview:

SOG Knives came to us with a challenge: they wanted to create 3 films for an Outdoor Retail Event (their biggest of the year) that did something more than show product. They wanted to connect emotionally, to tell stories, to remind their retail and distribution partners about the SOG difference.

So they built a ‘theater’ in the middle of the show floor, and showed the films we created for them throughout the day by special invitation only. The result?

  • A great PR story to differentiate them going into the show. Associated press releases based on ‘invite only’ exclusivity.
  •  15% bump in show orders at the event itself, as well as continued sales momentum through the quarter and beyond.
  • A number of commercial assets that could then be repurposed for after the event, including social, web, print and blog content.
  • Growing the series into 2017.

The Process:

We started with the end in mind. 

When SOG came to us, they had no idea about what they wanted. ‘Sexy’ was a term that was thrown around a lot, and after doing some initial discovery, we found out they had access to some people who have truly used their products in critical life or death situations.

After listening and bouncing around a ton of ideas, we landed on creating 3 short films around a Police Tracker, Smokejumper, and Navy Seal Team.


  • Meetings
  • Questionnaires
  • Creative 30’s.
  • Creative Briefs
  • Scripts and Associated Budgets/Schedules


  • Production Plan: Shot Lists and Shoot Day Schedules
    • Crew
    • Gear
    • Meals
    • Client Services/Support


  • Seamless Post Process – even from across the country.
    • 2 reviews plus final polish
    • On-site review/edit
    • Delivery on:
      • Dropbox
      • Harddrive
      • Web

SOG is about ‘Taking the Point’ in your approach. That’s what we did, and the results speak for themselves.