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The Overview:

Amazon had a small problem: the company was getting bad street rep as a place to work. In an area like Seattle, where attracting the best talent is business critical, this can be the kiss of death. So they needed to help shape the story, especially as it related to attracting engineers to the company.

But they weren’t sure how. They had been bashed for their last videos they did, which tried to put a ‘fun’ spin on the Amazon work environment – which people immediately flamed as disingenuous. And though we got our marching orders from marketing and PR to do more of the same (we just need to do it better this time!), we pushed back and did the unthinkable:

We asked to speak to the engineers.

We wanted to hear their stories, and understand what made them passionate about their work.

What we heard was surprising.

The Process:

Our process doesn’t vary much from job to job. It is the process of Discover, Develop and Deliver that allows us to explore new directions.

What we discovered was this: it’s exactly because how hard the work is that attracts engineers (and all good talent) to Amazon. Because the company is indeed solving some of the world’s biggest engineering challenges – regardless of the word on the street.

But we knew we needed even more to solve this problem the right way. And that’s why before we even put pen to paper in the creative phase, we built a strategy around what we thought would really drive frequency and reach.

The Content Studio. 

PW: amazon2017

Result: This collection of content continues to be a main driver for recruitment across Amazon’s internal websites, Glassdoor, LinkedIn  – and many others – and has helped reshape the story around working at Amazon.



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