PART 2: Branding your Nonprofit and building Awareness through Film

This post is part of a 5 part series on how to maximize your fundraising efforts AND dollars through film. 


Done properly, a great film can be the cornerstone of a much larger media campaign. The banquet showing should be only the beginning of outreach that builds upon the same themes from the film.


Tease your film and collect contacts.

A well-crafted film can be shown at a fundraising event to garner capital in addition to being used online and on television. Make sure to tease your film before a fundraising event to pique interest and increase attendance—the ability to appeal to people that are interested but might otherwise not know about your cause is key. One way to do this is with a teaser video, like the following:

Get emails, and Request Sharing at the Event.

On the big day, collect as many emails as possible and before you show the film, encourage every person to pass the film onto close friends. A good tactic is to challenge each person in the audience to pass the event film on to 5 people.


Use footage and photos from your film for more branding opportunities.

With more and more video production companies making the switch to 4K, the stills from these videos can even be used to create high resolution magazine ads, billboards, and more, which can help your nonprofit get the biggest bang for your marketing dollar. Plan your shoot wisely and you can create a slew of marketing pieces from the same footage. And, if you’re looking to save money on future campaigns (I know you are), request to get all the raw footage from your shoots—you can use this material on innumerable future projects.