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The Content Marketing Quiz

Let’s say you decide once and for all that the gravitational pull of Content Marketing is just too strong. You have to participate or you’ll explode for fear of missing out.


It’s just too hot to pass up, all the beautiful possibility.

But let’s not start this story at the beginning, you hear someone say. Let’s start this story at the end:

Do you know what success looks like to you? Do you know what goals you are trying to achieve? Do you want fries with that?

Sharpen your pencil around that one. Then sharpen it again. Because content marketing isn’t easy, whether it’s video, blogs, podcasts, cat gifs, who knows? It’s good old fashioned work.

But knowing where you want to end up is a pretty good place to start. And remember: the answer can change, it can flux. You’re as nimble as they come.

For example: look at the next 3 months of your business and think about goals – and then develop content around those goals. What product launches do you have? What events? Any promotions? What product do you need to move off the shelf.

The truth is out there. And so is the content to find it.

Here’s a quiz we ask all our clients to fill out. To help uncover that.

Take it.

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